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N 25 (2211) June 1999
SB RAS Presidium Meeting
275 Anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Non-jubilant notes from the anniversary meetings in Moscow.
Visit of Chinese delegation
Anniversary Meeting of the Kemerovo Scientific Center
At last, property is acquired ...
Tyumen Scientific Center
In the Academician Zamaraev Memory
From June 28 to July 3, the International Memorial K.I.Zamaraev Conference "Physical Methods for Catalytic Research at the Molecular Level" is to take place in Akademtown.
Secrets of Baikal depths
One of key riddles of Baikal lake is associated with the mechanism of Baikal depression emergence. The last results obtained with the help of the seismic tomography in the laboratory of geodynamics and paleomagnetism of the Institute of Geology of SB RAS allowed to get a new insight into this problem and suggest a scheme of the Baikal region formation and evolution.
To be in harmony with the Nature
Inter-region scientific practical Conference under the title "Sustainable development: the problems of reserves and traditional approach to natural resources exploitation in Baikal region" was held in Chita.
The Third Arrival of the Geographic Society
The Meeting of the Buryat Republical Division of the Russian Geographic Society took place at June 8.
The Union of Chemistry and Pharmacology
Any medicine is well known to begin its advance into the world from the chemical lab.
A new original technology to produce soluble forms of acetyl salicylic acid was developed at the Institute of Solid State Chemistry and Mechanochemistry of SB RAS. This technology was used to manufacture powders and pills of a new medicine called ASPINAT.
Biologically active compounds from the bottom of the lake
At the Institute of Oil Chemistry SB RAS a great deal of efforts is devoted to elucidation of main trends in formation as well as properties of organic deposits -- the most significant oil precursors.
Diagnosis at the molecular level
Head of gene diagnostics laboratory of the Novosibirsk Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, kandidat of biological sciences Vladimir Shamanin has discussed the problems of gene diagnostics with the Science in Siberia correspondent.
Medicines of various assignment
The synthesis of biologically active compounds -medicines and agricultural agents (immunomodulators, safe pesticides, plant growth stimulators etc) is now among the main direction of research at the Irkutsk Institute of Chemistry of the SB RAS.
DNA as electronic material
In the April 1999 issue of The Nature, swiss scientists Hans-Werner Fink and Christian Schonenberger (Institute of Physics, Basel) published a paper entitled "Electrical conduction through DNA molecules". The question whether DNA chain is able to conduct electrical current is now of great interest.
Deserts will be revived by halophytes
Draught and deserts expansion are among the main reasons of poverty and hunger in the world. How to avoid the food disaster provided shortage in fresh water resources. An original program was suggested by Prof. Helmut Lit (University of Osnabruk, Germany).
Kosovo field battle
June 15 is the 610 anniversary of the Kosovo field battle.
To the Day of inventors
A consultation seminar devoted to protection of inventions will take place June 24 at 10 a.m in the Hall of patent documentation (pr. Lavrentieva, 6).
Methodics doomed to success
In the end of May, the Chair of the Foreign Languages of the Institute of Philology carried out a Scientific-methodological Seminar "Foreign languages teaching based upon the activity concept to control the mastering process".
Main in Science -- Available
Deadline for the second half of the year subscription for newspapers and magazines is nearing.
Information of "NGTS" Inc.
Sibakadembank information
Black rose in the glass of sky-golden "Ai" wine
For the first time in Akademtown -- The International Festival-Competition of Florists
Tennis: "Akademtur-99"
From June 27 up to July 4, on the open tennis courts of the Novosibirsk Akademtown, a traditional International Youth Tournament "Akademtur-99" will be carried out.