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N 27 (2213) July 1999
A Foreign Scientist Won the Voyevodsky Prize
Memorial Academician V. V. Voyevodsky prize is being awarded biannually in turn to scientists from Russia and from foreign countries. It was established to appraise prominent achievements in studying kinetics and mechanisms of chemical reactions, structure and properties of active intermediates, elementary acts in photochemistry and radiation chemistry using the methods of radiospectroscopy. Prof. Arnold Hoff from Netherlands became the first foreign scientist to won this prize.
Messages of Condolence
Academician Pelageya Yakovlevna Kochina died in her 101st year.
Memoirs of the Elder of Geophysics
A book by Academician N. Puzyryov is a free and easy story of bygone and recent events. Peculiar is the lively and picturesque language of this deliberate narration which reveals an exciting historical retrospection of the development of geophysical knowledge and the formation of the vast industrial branch aimed to provide sources of raw materials for the needs of national economy of the U.S.S.R.
EERC Continues Its Work
From 25th of June to 1 of July a regular summer seminar of the Russian programme of economic studies (Economics Education and Research Corporation, EERC) took place in St. Petersburg. It had been supported by the Consortium of the founders, which includes well-known charity foundations from Western countries.
The Open Doors to the Open Society
In June the Novosibirsk Division of the Open Society Institute (The Soros Foundation) had organised a meeting of local scholars with the members of the Research Support Scheme at the House of Scientists of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Photon Splitting in Coulomb Field
During several years a group of young scientists from the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences carries out experiments studying two non-linear effects of quantum electrodynamics, splitting and Delbrueck scattering of photons in the Coulomb field of nuclei. The group consists of Serghei Peleganchuk, Nikolai Muchnoy, Vladimir Malyshev, Gennady Pospelov, and Alexei Maslennikov.
An Instrument to Control a Reaction
A work by E. Zubkov from the Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, "Iodination of Aromatic Compounds on Zeolites", has been supported by a grant for junior scientists from the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Omsk Seminar on Ethnoarchaeology Held in Moscow
In June the 7th International Seminar "Integration of Archaeological and Ethnographic Studies", was held within the framework of the 3rd Congress of Ethnographers and Anthropologists of Russia in Moscow. The seminar had been dedicated to the memory of the outstanding researchers of Siberia, 80th anniversary of I. Gurvich and 90th anniversary of Z. Boyarshinova.
The Katanayev Readings
The 3rd National Conference "Katanayev Readings" was held in Omsk. It had been named after Gheorghi Yefimovich Katanayev (1848-1921), one of the most prominent representatives of the Siberian Cossacks, a student of local lore, military administrator and public figure.
"Solar Silicon", a Project for the Future
The Presidium of the Irkutsk Scientific Centre had a session on the "Solar Silicon" Project. The project is aimed to emerging new advanced technology and effective production of pure silicon for the needs of solar energetics. Representatives of the region industry took part in the session also.
The Gathering of Einsteins-to-Be
The Second workshop on fundamental physics for junior scientists will begin in September at the Institute of Solar and Terrestrial Physics (Irkutsk).
Competition Makes No Damage to Science
Winners of the contest on scientific and methodological work had been defined at the Tomsk Polytechnic University. The organisers of the contest are of true opinion that spirit of competition can do no damage to scientific activity.
Graduates of the Novosibirsk University Are Always Wanted
Generations are changing at the higher school. Recently state final examination committees had finished their work and selection committees for entrance examinations started theirs. Prof. Natalya Dulepova, the pro-rector of the Novosibirsk State University tells about public defence of diploma projects this year.
One of the Creators of the Russian Commercial and Industrial World
150th Anniversary of S.Yu.Witte.
Valery Rytsarev Memorial Run
24th athletic run dedicated to the memory of Valery Rytsarev was held on 13th of June