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Sukachev Institute of Forest of the Siberian Branch of the RAS

Information Resources

Cartographic information of scales 1:2000000- 1:5000000 in GIS data base "Forests of the Central Siberia" recorded in the format Arc/ Info, EPPL, IDRISI and brought into coincidence with the digitized World Map (DCW):

the map of physical and geographical regioning of the Central Siberia (5 informational layers);

the map of the Central Siberia forest disturbance by fires, cuts, insects, industry emissions, natural calamities.

the map of ecological tension in the forests;

the map of the Krasnoyarsk Territory forests;

the map of soil cover structure in the Central Siberia;

the map of Siberian forest pollution by technogenic emissions;

data base on forest fires in the Krasnoyarsk Territory for the years 1988-1995.

videoinformation archives obtained from satellites NOAA for the Krasnoyarsk Territory area for 1995.

Data base of the local GIS ( Bolshemurtinski leskhos of the o Krasnoyarsk Territory - latitude 57 North, longitude 93 East) includes electronic maps in the scale of 1:50000 -1:500000. These are landscape map, forest type map,forest soil map, map of forest disturbance by insects, plans of forest stands and plan-tables for the area 450 000 hectars. Database includes also forest inventory information for 22 000 elementar forest units according to 100 forest cover parameters.

The Institute has numerical and cartographic information in the paper medium as well:

long-term temporal series of the control of tree-ring width variations and tree falling away, of the spatial tree stand structure , of dynamics of certain forest ecosystem components which are obtained on the constant sample plots of forest steppe pine forests as well as in forests of the southern and central taiga (more than 300 sample plots);

data on summer temperature reconstruction in Subarctic region for the last 500 years;

data on regenerative dynamics of soil parameters, of species composition, of phytomass and annual production of plant communities at industrial cuts;

large-scaled ecological static and dynamic maps, maps of forest disturbance by insects, maps of post-fire dynamics of forests, for certain key plots in different natural Siberian zones.

Complex of apparatus and programs of GIS is based on personal computers of Pentium class 90-8-850 (2units), 486 -4-100 (3 (3 units) and 486 -66 (1 unit) which possesss peripheral units: digitizer Summa Sketch II, digitizing pad scaner (colour) Scan Jet. Tic 400 dpi, laser printer of white-black and colour print, strimmer AKAI with memory card PC AKVID 20. Software core is formed by two copies of batches PC ARC/INFO 3.4.2 and ARC/VIEV 2/1, and by run-time system of bit-mapped-vector GIS EPPL 7 and IDRISI 4.1. The work in organizing of the local computer network of the Institute is realized.

Besides, the Institute has the American station for information receiving from satellites NOAA, the complex of apparatus and programs for receiving and processing of images in high resolution regime (HPTT) and the complex of aviation landscape survey in infra-red spectrum diapason.

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