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IX Workshop on electronic publication "EI-Pub2004" (with participation foreign scientist)

23-25 September, Novosibirsk


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10-00 -- 12-30 

14-00 -- 16-00 

  1. Shokin Y.I., Fedotov A.M. Opening speech (full text)

  2. Fedotov A.M., Shokin Yu.I. Information ambience of the Siberian branch RAS (full text)

  3. Bychkov I.V., Cherkashin E.A., Fedorov R.K. Information systems: automation of the syntheses kernel on the UML-descriptions base (full text)

  4. Bezdushny A.N. Proposals for metadata element sets for scientific information resources

  5. Mazov N.A., Zhizhimov O.L., Fedotov A.M. Museum cataloguing: primary classification of museum attributes, definition and semantics of categories of the data

  6. Zhizhimov O.L., Bredikchin S.V., Shapovalov A.V., Mazov N.A. CIMI (full text)

  7. Akhlyostin A.Yu., Fazliev A.Z. Privezetsev A.I. Tomsk segment as part of the virtual museum of SB RAS (abstract in russian)

16-30 -- 18-00 

  1. Guskov A.E. Information in Internet: publication, search and analysis

  2. Barakhnin V.B. - (Full text)

  3. Privezentsev A.I., Fazliev A.Z. Metadata for distributed information system oriented on molecular spectroscopy (abstract in russian)

  4. Shokin Yu.I., Fedotov A.M., Klimenko O.A., Leonova Yu.V. Inqury/response system for Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (full text)

  5. Saveljeva N.V. Status of document in content management systems (abstract in russian)

  6. Braslavski P.I., Shishkin A.S. Special-purpose Metasearch Engine ProThes: Design and Implementation (abstract in russian)


14-00 -- 16-00 

  1. Alekseev A.S., Bredikhin S.V., Glinskii B.M., Piskunov S.V. Experimental Grid-segment based on SSCC SB RAS

  2. Arshinov M.Yu., Vasil'ev A.V., Lavrentiev N.A., Fazliev A.Z. Information system for support an atmospheric aerosol investigations (abstract in russian)

  3. Gennadinik V. E-resources of earths cryosphere (abstract in russian)

  4. Kovtonyuk N.K.., Bajkov K.S., Krasnikov A.A. (CSBG SB RAS), Kolchanov N.А. (ICG SB RAS), Fedotov A.M. (ICT SB RAS) Portal on a biological diversity as an information resource of the removed access

  5. Kozodoev A., Fazliev A. Information system "Molecular spectroscopy". Subsystem for processing input data. (abstract in russian)

  6. Kozodoeva E. The structure of informational support for sun photometers network (abstract in russian)

  7. Stolyarov S. Создание мнопользовательской системы совместного управления слабоструктурированными данными. (abstract in russian)

16-30 -- 18-00 

  1. Guskov A.E, Molorodov Y.I, Sudarikova I.A. Information System "Atmospheric Aerosols of Siberia" (abstract in russian)

  2. Kuznetsova L.V., Mazov N.A. Interformatted conversion of the data to bibliographic systems: by the example of formats ISO-2709 and XML

  3. Novosjolov D. LDAP directory of SBRAS (abstract in russian)

  4. Morozov S.G., Zhizhimov O.L. LDAP catalogs as part of SB RAS information system in UIGGM SB RAS (abstract in russian)

  5. Kolobov O.S. Practice design of Web/Z39.50 Gateways (abstract in russian)

  6. Sacenko T.V., Kovalyov S.P. Integration of workflow description languages with domain ontologies (abstract in russian)


11-00 -- 13-00 

  1. Karaush A.S. The questions of integrity of bibliographic records for distributed library system (abstract in russian)

  2. Baikov K.S., Kovtonyuk N.K., Krasnikov A.A., Fedotov A.M. Integration of herbarium collections of Siberian vascular plants as network service

  3. Tatarsky F.E., Pachuev K.E. A Library portal based on XML application server (abstract in russian)

  4. Nabiullin A.A., Subote A.E., Gubanov R.N. Institutional digital repositories: operational experience, problems and the future prospect

  5. Kovyazina H.V. Bibliographic database, containing references to full-text of the document (abstract in russian)

  6. Shabanov A. Ivan Fedorov's electronic version "Apostle" (full text)

  7. Afonin V., Dromashko S. Electronic atlas of damage realization in cells of species used in cytogenetic monitoring

  8. Parshukova G.B. Creation electronic resource for remote education specialist libraries (full text)

  9. Barhatov A.V. Development and integration of web-resources by means of ontologies (abstract in russian)

  10. Barakhnin V.B., Fedotov А.M. - (full text)

  11. Ermakov D.G., Ustyuzhanin A.M. Personal virtual Web-server (abstract in russian)

  12. Maistrovitch T.V., Chugunov A.V. Digital Document Space Formation for Russia: Information and Techniques (abstract in russian)

14-00 -- 16-00 

  1. Bayandina Z. Creation and using electronic resources technology based on instrumental portal (abstract in russian)

  2. Pozhidaeva N.P. SVG standard for instrumental environments for electronic tutorials development: usage experience and perspectives

  3. Anikeeva A.V. Creation of originals - breadboard models of printed editions as reports of databases of teaching materials (abstract in russian)

  4. Adamansky A.V. On formal representations of information needs (abstract in russian)

  5. Ryzhov V.S. Distributed object-oriented integrated information systems for providing enterprise-level security

16-30 -- 18-00 

  1. Kolodin M.Y. Adequate tools for operative work with electronic publications

  2. Korolyov T.B., Minaylov V.V, Pokrovsky B.I. Catalog of educational Internet-resources in chemistry of ChemNet Portal. Standards and technologies. (abstract in russian)

  3. Kolodin M.Y. Dynamic publications


  5. Kolodin M.Y. Multiformat work with multilanguage literature


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