International Electronic Publication Workshop (EL-PUB-96)

Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok, ICT SB RAS, 1996, April 16-18,
EuroMath Centre, Copenhagen
EuroMath Net/NIS/II Project (INTAS IA-003)


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10-00 -- 10-30 Welcome
Conference Hall ICT SB RAS (367)
Head: professor Shokin Ju.I.

10-30 -- 14-00 (1) Inforormation resource

  1. Fedotov A.M. Mathematics on WWW pages (abstract in russian)

  2. Zybarev Y.M., Gorodilov V.V., Faddeenkov E.N. NSU WWW server (abstract in russian)

  3. Elepov B.S. State scientific library information resource (full text)

15-00 -- 18-00 

  1. Ustyuzhanin A.M. IMM Ural branch RAS in programm EuroMath (full text)

  2. Erohin G.N., Vinogradov S.P. Network access to database and GIS (full text)

  3. Irtegov D.V. Experiences in Converter LaTeX2HTML by electronic publishing (abstract in russian)

  4. Fedotov A.M. Composing hypertext-pages. HTML editors. TeX to HTML converters (abstract in russian)


10-00 -- 14-00 

  1. Marchuk A.G., Osipov A.E. Client-server Technologies and creating the bibliographical systems (full text)

  2. Bobrov L.K. Role and place quasi-fulltext databases in system of providing with information the mathematical sciences (abstract in russian)

  3. Guseva T.I., Smirnov V.I. STN Center (abstract in russian)

  4. Mazov N.A. Center of Information of sciences for soil (full text)

  5. Bobrov L.K., Elepov B.S. Allocation of information resource of OSTL SBRAS to Internet (abstract in russian)

15-00 -- 18-00 

  1. Peep U. EuroMath Center (full text)

  2. Klimenko S.V., Lisin V.I. The Russian TeX in Protvino: state, problems, solutions (abstract in russian)

  3. Rozhenko A.I. TeX - History, Problems and Prospects (full text)

  4. Fedotov A.M. Network archive of TeX. Structure and Access (full text)


10-00 -- 14-00 

  1. Znamensky S.V. Plurality of Cyrrillic code and the standardization of TeX and DVI files. Activities of project "Russian TeX" (abstract in russian)

  2. Znamensky S.V. About user-interfaces for TeX (abstract in russian)

  3. Fedotov A.M. Discussion on Cyrrillic code and taking recommendation for the Mathematical Branch of RAS (full text)

14-00 (6) Close of the work
Head: professor Shokin Ju.I.

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1996, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science, Novosibirsk