First Workshop on Information Technologies Application to Problems of Biodiversity and Dynamics of Ecosystems in North Eurasia (WITA-2001)

July 9-14, 2001, Novosibirsk, Russia


Databases and GIS Technologies

Gis Modelling Realm For Geoecological Research Purposes - Implementation In The Pc Modelling System "Relief-Processor"

Kostrikov S.1*, Krivtsov V.2 and Vorobiov B.3

1Department of Geography & Geology,
Kharkov State University,
Maidan Svobodu 4,
Kharkov 310077,
Ukraine; 2SIMBIOS,
School of Science & Engineering,
University of Abertay Dundee,
(Bell Street,
Dundee DD1 1HG,
UK; 3Northwood Geoscience,
43 Auriga Dr,
Nepean ON,
K2E 7Y8,

This paper presents a methodological approach linking computer modelling of natural processes with geoinformation technology, realised in the PC modelling System "Relief-Processor" (R_P). The methods of landscape assessment implemented in the R_P are based on the complex numerical algorithms of structural analysis and allow not only generation of the information missing in the initial data sets, but also calculation of various geomorphological-hydrological indexes, representing current conditions of the environment. This research technique is shown to facilitate solution of various environmental problems (Kostrikov and Vorobiov, 1998, including control of sediment-pollutant delivery from both point and non-point sources, allocation of water-supply reservoirs in arid landscapes, modelling of channel network, investigation of erosion processes /sediment yield-delivery, studies of landscape geochemistry and pollutant transgression, etc.

Implementation of the advanced modelling techniques, facilitating both the comprehension of complexity of "natural landscape - human activity interactions" and the evaluation of economic consequences of various unfavourable environmental events, accuracy, precision and high quality of cartographic output, are the main conditions necessary for the evolution of any geoinformation system into a real Decision Support System. The software presented here meets all these requirements, and should, therefore, prove useful in Landscape and Ecological Engineering, Land Management issues, Environmental Assesment and Auditing.

Kostrikov S.V. (1987) Experience of analysis of relief horizontal structure (in Russian). Physical Geography and Geomorphology, 34, 123-129.
Vorobiov B.N., Kostrikov S.V. (1992) The Structural Approach to the Making Topographic GIS: Main Ideas and Realisation. Third European Conference of GIS, II, 1304-1313.

Note. Abstracts are published in author's edition

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