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Первое международное рабочее совещание "Биоразнообразие и динамика экосистем Северной Евразии: информационные технологии и моделирование" (WITA-2001)

9-14 июля 2001 года, Новосибирск, Россия

Тезисы докладов

Разнообразие растительного мира

The Conservation Of Plant Diversity Using Integrated Management Strategies

Dennis F.R.

Botanic Gardens Conservation International (Richmond,

This presentation will briefly review details of a small selection of the many in situ conservation activities undertaken by Russian botanic gardens as an example of the essential role they continue to undertake despite crippling financial restrictions.

The Botanic Gardens Conservation International business planning exercise "Biodiversity conservation support by botanic gardens of Russia", a project planning study submitted to the Small Environmental Projects (SEPS), The British Council in the year 2000 will be reviewed.

The conclusions and recommendations from this report will be discussed and a clear recommendation that botanic gardens and protected areas managers collaborate in identifying funding agencies and income generating opportunities in order to facilitate a comprehensive integrated conservation strategy for the conservation of the endemic flora of Russia.

In conclusion a call is made for the managers of botanical institutes and Protected Areas to extend their own networks to each other and to the pool of multidisciplinary resources to be found in the international arena.

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