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Professor Anatolii M. Fedotov


1. Telecommunications & Information Systems
2. Ill-Posed Problems & Computation Mathematics

1. Telecommunications & Information Systems

  1. Introduction to Internet (History, Position, Protocols and Perspectives).
  2. Information systems and Datebases in Internet.
  3. How to prepare WEB pages (HTML and all).
  4. Donald Knuth, TeX and all (How to prepare the scientific texts and electronic publications).
  5. Integrated computer-aided systems and decision-making support.
     Topic for Research:
  1. Electronic Publications and Internet Databases.
  2. Russian TeX.
  3. DHTML, Java, VRML and all.
  4. Informational Technologies Internet.
  5. WEB Technologies and GIS.
  6. Data Processing in the Problems of Decision-Making.
  7. Expert Systems and Emergency Situation.

2. Ill-Posed Problems & Computation Mathematics

  1. Inverse & Ill-Posed Problems with Random Errors in the Initial Data.
  2. Foundation of Optimal Numerical Algorithms (Construction of Optimal Approximate Solution of Operator Equations).
  3. Optimal Approximate Solution for Analytical Continuation Problems.
  4. Inverse Problem of Wave Propagation.
  5. Exact computations on computer.
     Topic for Research:
  1. Analytical Continuation from Discrete Set.
  2. Uniqueness Theorems for entire functions.
  3. Inverse Problems with Algorithms of Recognize.
  4. Calculations with guarantee accuracy.
  5. Data Processing.

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Anatolii M. Fedotov

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