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Professor Anatolii M. Fedotov

Research interests:

Telecommunications and Information Systems. Telecommunication and information support of investigation on Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science. Information systems and databases, Internet and Web technologies. Electronic publication, information services and digital libraries. TeX-service.

Simulation of Computer System; Simulation in Genetic and Biology. Information systems and database in Biology.

Integrated computer-aided systems, decision-making support, emergency situation. Creation of distributed information systems, information systems support to the scientific and educational activities. And also: Thesauri and ontologies, extracting facts from documents; The fundamental problem of creating, supporting and filling of digital libraries and collections; Open Archives and problems of preservation of scientific and cultural heritage; Systems and technologies of data mining; Systems support research; Tools for creating and supporting problem-oriented systems based on knowledge; Methodology standardization of information and computing resources.

Ill-Posed Problems; Inverse Problems of Mathematical Physics; Analysis of Random Errors in Initial Data; Analytical Continuation Problems; Experimental Data Manipulation; Smoothing, Filtration, Approximation, Interpolation and Extrapolation of Function; Foundation of Optimal Numerical Algorithms;

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Anatolii M. Fedotov

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